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This book is divided into three chapters to visually portray the very different lives from which we originate and the very very very different life which we are making together.

His family is the family of Alberto and Alisia Solis of Costa Rica. The first 24 photographs were taken on a recent trip to Costa Rica where we met William's first great-grandchild, Pablo. These images were taken after Carmen was diagnosed with breast cancer; after Jose and Mari and their son and granddaughter drowned. The rest of the photographs in the Costa Rican chapter were taken on a trip four years ago when I visited William's family by myself for two months. There will be another book about that trip. It shall be called Carmen the Chicken Killer after William's sister Carmen, who has directed me to write the many Solis family histories of love and passion.

My family is the family of E. Bowden and Ruth Curtiss of Darlington, Wisconsin. Many of these photographs were taken before my father died. Most of the images, however, are from my mother's 90th birthday party. There is no particular order to these photographs; I simply wanted the image on the left to dance well with the image on the right. And so you will see my siblings age and then become younger from page to page.

The chapter on Friends and Strangers centers on the life William and I share with our friends in San Francisco. There are some photographs of friends from Costa Rica and Wisconsin.

Not everyone in our family and friendship circle is represented. I chose photographs which played to my theme and had an aesthetic that pleased me.


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Sarah Curtiss
sjanec San Francisco, CA

My books are my art. My ideas often involve community. Check back regularly for the next idea that percolates from my pencil.

Fecha de publicación  14 de julio de 2008

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