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This is a collection of large format photographic work that includes moving traditional black and white and color landscapes, portraits and abstract art. Each photograph attempts to tell a story in a very intentional manner developed by the photographer, himself. As the first of three planned volumes by the author, this book is broken into four organized chapters that explain his journey as a photographer from the very first photograph that he took, professionally to his new found foray into digital photography.

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Acerca del autor

Jared M Le Blanc
jleblan Little Elm, TX

I am what you could call a professional photographer. Not in the sense that I do it for a living, but in the sense that I was trained to use a camera in an acedemic setting. Art has always been a passion of mine. Drawing, painting, creating...whatever. Photography is an extension of that. Capture a scene, tell a story and share it with the world.

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