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Be welcome in the lonesome, but fascinating world of “Urban Exploration”.
Urban Exploration creates an exposure of the past glory. Documenting their normally unwanted and off-limits parts of our civilization.

Here are rust and corrosion creating beautiful colors. And is the pale paint peeling away from the crumbled walls. Inside the characteristic working places are disused machinery and ancient tools covered with a thick layer of dust. All left behind like it was the last day of activity, untouched! Working clothes and personal stuff are still hanging in the changing rooms. Office documents and original blue prints are spread widely around the offices. A large variety of rusty classic cars where left abandoned into the dense bushes. This well preserved and hidden graveyard is piecefully left to decay. Rust in piece! Shimmery lights conditions are giving an almost religious atmosphere to a chapel. The chapel and castle are slowly transforming into ruins. Here are the overwhelming forces of nature reclaiming back the creations of mankind...

The explored locations: Chateau Noisy/Miranda, Carcoke Tertre, Chatillon car graveyard, Traction Sud, CSM Sugar City, Safea, Castle of Mesen and some artwork.

Hope you enjoy the book as i did with my explorations and creating this book! For more information and contact visit my website, which contains lots of other abandoned locations and content. Don't hesitate!

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Jan Stel [JAhNoszh]

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