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Hybrid Capitalism will lead America to a new sustainable economy.
Imagine deregulating the free market, ending the Fed, and building
Government run businesses that can compete with the private sector.
Here the 2-Party system makes room for a uniting Centrist Third Party.
Even the most cynical critics will find this book engaging and provocative.
Reforming the tax code will free up opportunities for average Americans.

See the Government get a return on investments and cut huge waste!
The socialist economy and welfare state of the past will soon disappear.
A mixed economy will emerge with the best aspects of capitalism in it.
To remove the power of elitists, Americans must take their country back.
Experience the political dynamism born out of this new National movement.

On track for 2012/2016, this book offers solid plans for the next 50 years!
Fixing the problems between the public and the private sector is required.

More regional opportunities and less outsourcing will help the Nation grow.
All of this is possible with our new formula for rebuilding the United States!
New Innovations are introduced here that can create millions of new jobs!
HYBRID CAPITALISM by David Jon Sponheim and Sarah Hart


Acerca del autor

David Jon Sponheim
magmaster Oak Harbor, WA, USA
David Jon Sponheim is running for President of the United States of America. He was born in Los Angeles, California -the youngest child in a family of four. His parents were both World War II veterans and educators. He grew up in a middle class home. He attended UCLA for 2 two years before deciding college did not offer the knowledge he sought, He went to work selling T-shirts and magazines. He started an Organic Food Sales business in the 1980s, before the movement toward organics became popular. David worked in radio and television as a voice-over artist. He ran a small advertising firm, creating commercials and developing websites. David Jon Sponheim now lives on Whidbey Island in Washington State. You can chat with him LIVE every weeknight at http://www.blogtv/people/americasthirdparty about politics and current events.

Fecha de publicación  24 de enero de 2012

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