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In society, we're breeding far too many "Young Men" that don't know what it truly means to be "Real Men". Be it due to the lack of Fathers in homes or the lack of "Real Men" willing to embrace, mentor & train other Young Men to be the Best Man, Father, Provider, Spiritual Head, Protector, Lover of our Women & Families when that's who God made Us to Be. We're failing one another & we tend to find more excuses not to reach out! instead we "Judge, Observe, & Report" back on what they aren't doing, when we should be doing so much more to lead by example & Love & teach them a better way! If we as "Real Men" don't Stand Up & make a difference, we can't blame Younger Men when our Daughters & Friends have no "Real Men" left to Marry, Provide & Meet their Needs!
"Real Men raised with no Virtues, Live a Life filled with no Values"... ~Deon is PreDes10dByGOd™


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D. Michael Granger Productions Ltd.
DeonMichael1 Chicago, Illinois
I have always been out-spoken, extremely silly, & unconditionally loving towards people, even when my motives were misunderstood. I began playing musical Instruments at the age of 6 & singing was something I grew up in & around constantly, whether in church or thru my Grandparents/Parents & their LOve of all types of music from Gospel to Jazz, Funk and R&B, Calypso, Big Band, Classical, Opera, the Blues, Country, & so much more, So it was only a natural progression that I began to write music myself, because it has been in me since birth. I began writing music & poetry at age 12 because I didn’t know how to verbally express what it was I was really feeling at that age, well maybe I did but I was somewhat afraid to actually express that because I wasn’t an adult & felt it wasn’t often times the best thing to do outside of my own Home where that was openly accepted to always be expressive! I developed a knack for expressing things musically & verbally in a way that relates intimately

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