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Where lies the boundary between normality and banality? How strange is our everyday world when we have a closer look ? When is something so ugly that it suddenly becomes intriguing, fascinating, … even beautiful?

In the land of surrrealism the Twin Peaks reality is never far away. It is with this ‘State of Mind’ that photographer Lucas Daniels explores the boundaries of everyday banality. In a society where constant stimuli lead to bluntness and boredom, behind every image lurks a world of mystery and wonder.

What to one seems a pernicious outgrowth, to the other it embodies creativity. An image that at one point cries out degeneration, gets a glimmer of hope in a different mood.

In what mood will you view these images ? What stories will you discover? Let it depend on your State of Mind. There is simply no such thing as the real truth. Not even in the banality of everyday life.


Acerca del autor

Lucas Daniëls
afrikaboek Belgium

Lucas Daniëls worked for 25 years as a freelance photographer for several national and international magazines. Nowadays he focuses mainly on art projects, advertising agencies and professional journals.

He keeps on travelling around the globe, meeting people behind stories, capturing life as it is. His passion for Africa is unwearying. A world upside down: Lucas Daniëls is a man who dares to turn his job into his hobby.

Lucas Daniëls is a member of the renowned photo agency Hollandse Hoogte.

Fecha de publicación  13 de enero de 2012

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