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Dusty Stardusty is a cleaner by occupation.

But he is not just an ordinary cleaner – he is the Starduster who dusts and polishes the stars in the sky for us so that when the night falls, we can all see them shining bright up above. But the stars aren’t the only thing Dusty cleans in this world. This is a story of a man on a mission to clean up every dirty thing that shouldn’t exist in life, reminding us that whether visible or invisible, one must always seek out beauty as the ultimate Truth.

And Dusty does all that while riding and having fun on his cool motorcycle-moon!


Acerca del autor

Mica Aer
MicaAer USA

MICA AER is an author/artist/photographer/musician and audio recording engineer. She also is an accomplished swimmer and freediver. She lives in USA. Stay tuned for her new and upcoming releases.


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