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This tri-lingual collection catalog presents 162 science-fiction books of the series "Goldmanns Weltraum Taschenbücher" ('60ies & '70ies), with covers designed by German illustrator Eyke Volkmer. It documents a very unique period in German science-fiction illustration that was almost forgotten.

The 116 page book includes a long interview conducted with the illustrator in his former studio in Munich and comes with a full bibliography. All text is printed in English, German and Spanish.

All covers are presented through photos taken of the actual books with all their wear and tear to document my collection. The covers in this catalog are pictured in less than the original size.

Want to see a video of me turning the pages in the real book?

Additional language files will be available for free.

All possible copyright holders have been informed.
The artwork is reproduced with kind permission by the artist.

This collection catalog is dedicated to Eyke Volkmer and Wilhelm Goldmann.

Thanks to:
Paolo Greco for the spanish translation.
Henk Tack for the dutch version (available for free as pdf).
Stefan Werner for helping me with the recording of the interview.


Acerca del autor

Tommi Brem
tbrem Neu-Ulm, Germany
contemporary art collector and maker, science fiction reader and collector, book maker, poetry & prose writer, busy with projects all of the time, archive-nut. I've produced a Frank Zappa musical in 2003. I translated and published a Tom Waits biography in 2009 (with Daniel Knapp). I did not walk to Burning Man in 2012. Blurb History: 2: A collection catalog of 162 vintage science-fiction book covers, available for the world to buy. Copies ordered for myself: One advance to proof-read, 4 final copies. Production speed: A++ / Quality: A++ 1: Private photo book. Stnd. landscape, hardcover image wrap. Copies ordered: 4 / Production speed: A++ / Quality: A+

Fecha de publicación  21 de diciembre de 2011

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Comentarios (2)


tbrem dice

Thanks! Was a lot of work putting it together. I'll also forward the compliment to the illustrator.

publicado 01 de jun. a las 02:19 PST


brechti dice

Schön spacig! Eine tolle Kollektion.

publicado 22 de abr. a las 06:25 PST


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