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This beautiful book is a dramatic collection of artistic/documentary images taken within the city of Los Angeles CA. Original inspiration of this project can be traced to 1977, the year in which I photographed two of the most interesting pictures of the book. First the July 1977 night shot of the 2nd street tunnel, turning it into a visual metaphor for being where surfer feel most content...the "Green Room" and secondly, the Thanksgiving Day 1977 photo of two men, down on their luck, walking along Spring street, probably after a turkey dinner, with the Los Angeles Times Building in the back.
Most of which were captured on Kodachrome film, using several different cameras, between 9/1/1988 and 8/31/1991. For added value, 17 images within this book were taken from my loft window, (including the magical front cover shot, which I had only a minute or so to capture a rare fleeting meteorological phenomenon, a sub-tropical thunderstorm in downtown LA.) or roof of building where I lived for 3 years, (Santa Fe building at 6th & Main St. as pictured on page 68) such as to share the visual highlights of my artists loft experience and to take the viewer on an enjoyable, though slightly, noir journey through downtown L A. My most interesting, beautiful, and historic photographs of Old Downtown Los Angeles. The quality of the images is very high throughout, all the way to the end!
This one of a kind book, is a historical treasure that you'll want to pass down, to the next generation, to not only beautifully illustrate a bygone era, but also to remind us of those less fortunate souls who end up on skid row. Some by their own bad choices, and yet others by no fault of their own (eg: S & L Crisis, Enron-World Com scandals, or currently The Great Recession).


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Kevin Perttula

(b. 1957) I am a mostly self taught, photo-artist who, at age 10 , began learning by doing after receiving a Black & White film processing kit. I fought my way out of the house by earning an athletic scholarship to play college football. After one year, taking what few classes in photography the college had to offer, I learned about Hurter–Driffield curves, what toe and shoulder are as well as what film base plus fog meant. I photographed my first of several billboard in 1980 for a Atlas Hotels, a local hotel chain, which was displayed at 32 locations in several states. Have worked for Paul Mitchell Systems and Sauvage Swimwear back in 1982-83. Moved to L A in '84 continued rebuilding my portfolio, and developing talent for a few top agents, while shooting the occasional commercial job. I'm available for commissioned work, while I work on my next book. My style is totally unique, and I make beautiful timeless images

Fecha de publicación  17 de diciembre de 2011

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