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Sa Bhaile Arís: The Changing Face of the Irish Cultural Landscape explores the role that traditional culture plays in a globalized world.
Historically, Ireland is a land divided. Urban vs. rural, Catholic vs. Protestant, Gaeltacht vs. English-speakers, native Irish vs. immigrants. These divisions manifest socially and physically in a variety of manners. In addition to these internal conflicts, the layering on of external influences (the Vikings, the British, the formation of the European Union) has created a strange confluence of customs, each diffusing into the Irish psyche a little bit at a time. This book provides a subjective examination of this phenomenon, as interpreted by an American woman of mixed racial background living in the west of Ireland.
Sa Bhaile Arís illustrates these anomalies and nuances through photographs and accompanying text. The study of a culture in flux is never concrete, but it is the subtleties brought to light by outsiders aware of their surroundings that can start a conversation not always apparent to natives.


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Ellamarie Quimby
equimby Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare, Ireland

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