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Because of this land's wild, pristine ruggedness, and natural beauty, British Columbia is one of the earth’s more beautiful subjects for landscape photography.   In addition, there are certain parts of this region that contain plant and animal life found nowhere else on this earth.   Sometimes referred to as the “the unknown Galapagos Islands”, parts of this region were untouched by the great glaciers that stripped the earth of its plant and animal life during the last major ice advance more than 10,000 years ago. Consequently, one can observe a variety of unique landscapes of extraordinary beauty.   Landscapes that are ancient in their character and offer us a view of the world as it was before the glaciers scraped clean the earth.  
It was my intention to capture the mood and spirit of this natural beauty in black & white photography. 

We visited remote and natural areas that have been visited by few people, other than natural scientists, archeologists historians, and of course, the indigenous "First Nations People" who have periodically inhabited these areas since before recorded time.  Modern man has failed to settle these areas and has  seldom, if ever, set foot there.  

There was a time, not so long ago, when the “First Nations People” inhabited small coastal villages in this region and lived in harmony with the earth.  Now mostly abandoned, the remnants of these villages – the remains of their dwellings and totems, their ruins, are being slowly reclaimed by the wilderness. 

I can only hope that my images convey some of the deeply spiritual feelings I experienced in these amazing places of natural solitude.


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Roger "Mzungu" Moore
motu Dallas, TX, USA

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