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Lagtime, began while watching streaming media over a really slow internet connection. Occasionally the connection would lag, the moving image would stop in a blur. After the fourth image stalled and blurred, I began shooting these stills that were on my laptop screen, capturing time in the abstract.

I am very wordy, so if you'd like to read the whole project artist statement and find out how it became site specific, you can find it in the book as well as here:

The "L A G T I M E | San Francisco" project started in 2009.

Both the soft and hardcover books are printed on the beautiful ProLine Pearl Photo Paper and this 7x7inch book has stripped out all extraneous information (ie: blurb logos and such).

The Hardcover ImageWrap books can be signed and numbered, as the book is meant to be a piece of art and a collectible catalogue of this series. Contact me at: kimba AT kimba dot com to make arrangements.

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Vivid, vibrant color abstractions of subjects we don't recognize as San Francisco! Sensual and poetic! -- TH, photographer for the City of Zurich.

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Kimberly Kradel
kimba San Francisco, California USA
Born in Michigan, grew up in Western Pennsylvania, ran away to California where I've sort of been since 1979. Studied photography at the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and went on to get my BA in Studio Art at Sonoma State University with an emphasis in Painting. I also publish a web site dedicated to the subjects of art and cultural travel called artist-at-large.

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