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Here's my theory — the central premise of my thesis, right up front and center:

I am a user-centered design research practitioner. The world is filled to the brim, perhaps even overflowing, with systems. We can think of ‘The System’, if you will. But I like to simply refer to a world of ‘found systems’. These ‘found systems’ set certain limitations on our behaviors. We are expected to behave in certain ways, to play along with the rules. Some of these rules are explicitly stated in trifold brochures, in legal terms of privacy and other documents or footnotes. And then some of these rules are simply implied. For the most part, we tend to color within the lines, salute the flag as it goes by, and do what we’re told to do.

But there are certain amazing opportunities available to all of us that only appear to be just outside our reach. We sometimes live blind, deaf and dumb to the myriad ripe chances to instigate joy and change in the world. All we need to do is actively test the systems.

As a living ‘user’ of the ‘found systems’ of the world, my ultimate goal is to assume certain personas and ‘test’ the systems, looking for areas of unintended usage and improvement to report back to The Bureau of cyberSurreal Investigation.

The information I glean produces controversial discourse. My personal interest in the build up and release of psychoSocial tensions drives my first-person commentary based on qualitative data collection — hopefully resulting in humorous insight into our supposed ‘progress’ as a society dealing with The Information Age.


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lou suSi
loususi Boxford, Massachusetts
lou suSi is an artist, designer, musician + performance artist living + working on the North Shore of Massachusetts

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