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Seeing Stars is one woman’s story of the starlight ever present in the life she shared with her husband.

The term “seeing stars” is used in the military to describe ambitious soldiers who aspire to greatness as evidenced on the uniforms of generals that lead. While new Lt. Charles Honour didn’t ever expect to make it to general rank, he indeed was seeing stars as he daydreamed of what he might achieve in service to his country.

Both Chuck and Peg were certainly “star struck” with love when they experienced their whirlwind romance and marriage following WWII.

Several duty stations later, the “star light” in both their eyes evidenced itself in the persons of their three children.

A cartoon-like “seeing stars” might best describe the last few years of their relationship when Peg experienced the one-two punch of divorce and death.

And finally, Peg describes the transcendent meaning of the ability to see and “reach for the stars” in the latter half of her life.


Acerca del autor

Elizabeth Honour
eshonour Anywhere, USA

Fecha de publicación  05 de diciembre de 2011

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  92 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Biografías y memorias

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