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Zurich, Friesland. A small village by a dyke at the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands with roughly 200 inhabitants, one hotel, one church, one main street, a fishing equipment store and innumerable sheep. Not really comparable to the city of Zurich in Switzerland with its 385‘000 inhabitants, where 140 hotels welcome tourists from all over the world day by day and where Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) transports 300 million people a year through the city. For their client VBZ the Swiss advertising agency Ruf Lanz realized a commercial about «Urban Development» in Zurich, Friesland. As Art Director at Ruf Lanz, it was my pleasure to supervise this project. And more: I took the opportunity to create a photographic documentary of the somewhat different Zurich in all its aspects. This resulted in the book you’re holding in your hands. Enjoy it! Or – as the Frisians say – «in soad ville»!


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