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What's "different" about this cook book?

I've used ONLY ORGANIC INGREDIENTS in every recipe. Every ingredient can be found in an organic form. Organic food is superior in terms of its nutritional value, it's good for the environment and you cannot beat the taste. Also, all the meats are either certified organic or have been raised naturally. There are NO WHITE SUGARS OR WHEAT FLOURS used anywhere in this book.


Acerca del autor

Kim Kowpak
kimchuck Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

I grew up in small town Saskatchewan, Canada, in a home where almost EVERY meal was homemade from fresh ingredients. I was blessed with a mother and father who loved food...loved to grow it, prepare it, preserve it, and loved to share it with others.

I love to cook and love to eat and neither one is ever a chore for me. I love to prepare and share a meal with my friends and family because it gives me great joy to know that the food I've made is the best it can be. I am a big believer in eating organic, local, whole foods. In fact, in all the recipes here, I have used only organic ingredients. As well, all these recipes are white sugar and wheat flour-free.

I've been asked many times for the recipes of dishes I've prepared and I've been encouraged in the past to put all my best recipes into a book, and so, HERE IT IS!

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