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Walking the Land's selection of artworks which celebrate and respond to our local landscape and greenspaces.

Gloucestershire artists come together in outsidespace, each to offer their unique vision and to explore the relationship between art and landscape.
Subjects vary widely from the 'landscape of the ideal', the 'picturesque' and encounter the challenge of using art as a vehicle to focus the Public's attantion on other ecological issues such as endangered species.

British landscape art is incredibly popular with the viewing public, reflecting our National affection for the countryside as well as our fear that changes in climate and use may result in it’s loss.

Gloucestershire's countryside offers some of the most visually stimulating landscapes in the country. But as more of us live in towns and cities, we've become gradually separated from our landscape roots.

In outsidespace we see local artists relocating us with the landscape and green spaces through their artwork. Their role is to confront and challenge the viewer's expectations of landscape and into accepting both the tradition of representational landscape painting, alongside a newer more contemporary interpretation of the subject involving other approaches, disciplines and media.
To accompany their artworks each artist was asked to include a 25 word statement to give an insight into their work and process..... some actually managed it.

This selection of artwork was first shown at The Space Gallery, Stroud, Gloucestershire as part of the site08 Fetival, in June 2008


Acerca del autor

Kel Portman
kelportman Gloucestershire, UK

Kel Portman is a founder member of the arts collective 'Walking the Land' and makes artworks, photographs and installations that are inspired by walks and journeys through the landscape.

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