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Newfoundland is one of the most visually arresting places on Earth. The rugged and treacherous coastlines give way only to the unforgiving North Atlantic Ocean. It is a coastline marked with lighthouses that act as ever watching sentinels to welcome weary travellers home. It is a land of beautiful & quaint coastal towns, villages and cities. Newfoundland is a land visited by frozen giants from the North that create a sense of awe when seen by human eyes as they float down what is known as “Iceberg alley”. It is a land visited by massive whales during the summer that attract multitudes to the shorelines. It is a land rich in history and folklore and it is a land inhabited by a people who will welcome you with open arms. It is a land you need to visit…

Newfoundland... In Living Color, captures the raw and rugged beauty of a landscape still yet untouched and marred by man's corrupt hand. It is a tribute to a true Eden and its people that dwell there.


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Kevin Kroeker
kkroeker St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
I have always had an interest in photography. I can still remember my very first camera that my parents had given to me when I was about 8 years old. I took that camera everywhere and snapped shots of anything and everything, however it wasn’t until much later in life that I was really bitten by the photography bug. I was planning a big move to the Canadian Rockies and thought now is the perfect time to buy my new camera gear for shooting wildlife. I bought all the equipment I needed that would put me up close with all the wildlife that the mountains had to offer. So off I went chasing Bears, Bighorn sheep, Moose, Elk and Wolves… pretty much any critter I could capture with my lens. It was a fascinating and thrilling experience. Then fate brought to me a girl and she would change my life forever… Newfoundland is where I now call home, with my beautiful wife and baby son. With my camera in tow I now begin my journey through Newfoundland, photographing and capturing her beauty.

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