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Kananaskis Country is a signature Provincial Park.

The Government of Alberta, acting on a new Wilderness Areas Act, created this Park in 1967. A decade later, a variety of provincial parks west of the city of Calgary were merged and became collectively known as Kananaskis Country. K-Country consists of five provincial parks, four wildlife parks, one ecological reserve, and several recreation areas. It spans an area larger than 1400 from prairie grasslands and rolling foothills, to mountain peaks and glaciers. Kananaskis Country is as diverse in its natural beauty as in its natural history. These photos tell some of its stories.

It was in 1968 when I first drove on the "Forestry Trunk Road" west of Calgary. The mountains and foothills-wilderness made a formidable and lasting impression on me. Their size, the rawness and ruggedness, the forces of nature . . . what awesome majesty! I wondered under whose stewardship they were, and subsequently became interested in the management and preservation issues of Kananaskis Country. This photo essay is a way of documenting the elements that make up that wilderness environment, although woefully limited in such a book as this. By no means do I propose to be an expert in natural history, but I am passionate about it. I try to learn as much as I can about the flora and fauna. Any errors are completely my own.


Acerca del autor

Gerry Bates
EchoPrints Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

I have a passion for painting and photography. There is beauty everywhere. Infinite opportunities exist to put images on canvas or film. In education, photography is also a way of documenting the learning that takes place inside and outside the classroom. Documenting the changes in nature, in rural and urban landscapes, and in the environment in general, I consider as essential as photograpy as an Art form.

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