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It's lunchtime, and whether you're eating at a roadside diner, a chichi outdoor cafe, or your own kitchen table, making lunch is a lot more complicated than you think. While you're waiting for your burger and fries and strawberry shake, consider how many people were needed to make that happen.

Who are they? They're farmers and truckers and bottlers and bakers and cooks and dishwashers and everybody in between. They belong to a vast network of people you've never met, each with a unique perspective and story to tell. This is your chance to get acquainted.

Deconstructing Lunch proves that everybody counts, that there's a whole population of people who are connected and that we're all dependent on each other. And that each person plays a crucial role in making possible even the simplest things.

Through vibrant painted portraits and verbatim interviews, Deconstructing Lunch puts a human face on the complex machinery of society, and shows that we're not solitary, disconnected individuals, but are all part of a beautiful network of interactions.


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Zina Saunders

Zina Saunders has been an award-winning illustrator for more than 15 years. In addition to contributions in a variety of periodicals (including Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Progressive, Foreign Policy Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle), her client list includes Chronicle Books, Simon & Schuster, Random House, Scholastic, and Oxford University Press.

"Art Talks," her series of portraits and interviews with illustrators and art directors, was selected for the American Illustration 26 and 27 Annuals, as well as being selected in both the Communication Arts Illustration Annual 2008 and the 3 X 3 ProShow Illustration Annual No. 5. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Society of Illustrators.

Her focus has lately shifted to the political scene and lambasting the politicians causing the ruckus.

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