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The ancient Filipino script is called baybayin, also commonly known in the 20th century as alibata. Learning and writing baybayin comes easy, but going through its origin and history takes a lot more unraveling and analysis. So I won't go there on this book. I am almost certain that what caught your interest is the fact that Filipinos also has ancient writings and you want to learn how to use it... correctly ...without permanently inking it in a place you cannot erase or replace... so we'll learn more about the implementation of baybayin.
With this primer, you will be introduced to the proper reading and writing of the baybayin script yet also with the hope to inspire you to also know it's origin and history. Perhaps after gaining its roots, you will have better stronghold and pride in sporting every character of the ancient Filipino writing called baybayin. Have Fun!


Acerca del autor

Allan Camba
ilogboy Pangasinan, PHILIPPINES
Allan Torres Camba (born October 06, 1977) is a Filipino-American author, visual artist, and musician. Born and raised, during his childhood, in a riverside-home in Masidem--a village in Bani, Pangasinan Philippines, Camba grew up with the richness of the Filipino culture in a simple way of living. During the summer, as a child, he enjoyed being at the river, racing tiny sailboats made of used flip-flops, plastic bags, and fishball sticks. When afternoon was warm and windy, he would go at the dry-mud rice-field with his friends to fly their homemade kites. For children in the province, fun didn't end with the summer, because during the rainy seasons, they spent countless times catching tadpoles or simply playing in the rain. These experiences and more, is at home deeply in the heart and memory of the author, that he considers and calls such experiences "a gift and treasure beyond price and measure.". This is evident to the product of his work.

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