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Sometimes, finding the love of one's life is not equal to finding all of the answers one might want.

One Saturday afternoon in 1987, a young woman named Yuko smiled her way down to the depths of my soul and I was forever changed.

The road of life took her far away, and maybe gone forever. But love means trying as hard as possible when all reason is stacked against you.

This book is dedicated to the beauty and spirit of that woman who believed in a dream that will never be forgotten.


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Anthony Harmon
PuppyZen Pasadena, CA USA

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Anthony is the youngest and surely the most intense of six children. Always a mystery, he did not take up writing of any kind until a sudden whim struck his fancy at the age of nineteen.

Photography was always an interest. But it did not take a prominent role in Anthony's life until a chance job with the Los Angeles City Department of Recreation and Parks presented itself in 2004. Throwing himself into digital photography with the same intensity as his writing, Anthony learned the hard way how hard being a photographer truly is.

Anthony's truest passions in life are dogs, reading and the Japanese language; the latter he taught mostly to himself between the ages of 18 and 25.

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PuppyZen dice

Digger, I once had an image flash through my mind of a cavern, filled with water which only ripples to the occasional droplet of water. But the walls shine with colors of gold, copper, pink, wintergreen, and yellow...

publicado 02 de nov. a las 01:16 PST


digger789 dice

I find the words of Anthony echoing in the caverns of my mind. The concepts haul from my own depths of emotions, experiential feelings,and memories of moments once lived.

publicado 23 de ene. a las 13:11 PST


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