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Photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in ordinary places. I have always felt the desire to look for the extraordinary in ordinary objects and to always leave for the viewer a touch of mystery in each created image.

As a photographer, I have become fascinated with the artistic attributes of the many unique materials, objects and displays that populate the antique, restoration, and resale venues. The patina of age, the details, the juxtaposition of objects, and the vast assemblies of objects familiar and foreign all provide the potentials for creating unique and memorable photographic compositions that can stimulate the emotions of the viewer.

Within this portfolio book, I have attempted to capture the inherent beauty, composition, detail, and distinctiveness of these inimitable objects which are frequently overlooked by the passer-by and the casual observer.

A mentor of mine once observed that 'the sign of a truly successful photograph is that it creates the extraordinary from the ordinary'. I hope you will agree that these images have achieved that lofty goal. ~~~ Explore & Enjoy.


Acerca del autor

René Gallet

René Gallet has been actively involved in both the art and the business of photography for over 50 years. As a self-taught photographer and visual artist, Mr. Gallet has participated in and taught numerous workshops and seminars.

René's fine art images have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe in both solo and group gallery presentations.

René's portfolio encompasses a wide variety of subject matter, image compositions, and photographic styles, resulting in an impressive body of work, which ranges from the traditional landscape to the strongly abstract image. His striking landscapes and intimately detailed imagery demonstrate an optimal blending of artistic vision and technical control of the demanding photographic process.

Mr. Gallet’s work can be found in both private and public photographic collections and many of his images have been featured in numerous artistic, trade, and commercial magazines and publications.

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