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This is John Armstrong's third photography book. Looking at these photographs is like seeing the world through Armstrong's eyes as he travels through life. It contains photographs of ironic, humorous and provocative subjects and situations as well as compelling portraits. Armstrong's photographic style is best described as street or documentary photography and this book includes many of his strongest award winning photos.


Acerca del autor

John Armstrong
deetsy Seattle, Washington, USA
John Armstrong is a Seattle photographer with a wide range of photographic interests. He shoots with various kinds of cameras and prints with several different techniques. He loves still photography because he feels it allows us, as viewers, to slow down in this fast-paced world and actually see and appreciate things in detail. In the end, photography allows us all to be voyeurs without being caught.

Comentarios (2)


michaelalvis dice

Stop finding those great signs before I get to them! Just kidding.
I really enjoy the humor in your photographs.

publicado 11 de oct. a las 09:02 PST


sueaa dice

While most of us just walk on by, your eyes see amazing art on the street. Your photos have taught me to slow down and look around. It is a fun and crazy world out there. Great photo book!

publicado 11 de oct. a las 07:01 PST

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