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Walrus watching worms wiggling in water? Narwhal navigating noodle nest? Welcome to the weird and wacky grade 2/3 mind, where things don't always make sense and that's okay. My class collaborated with me to make this alphabet book. They chose their animal, composed their line, selected or created props and set up their scenes. After I took the photos and loaded them into Booksmart, they selected the background colours and fonts they deemed appropriate. They loved every step of the process and are thrilled to "have a book on the internet!" Enjoy!


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Martha Davis
crumba323 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have a long history as an independent filmmaker and an even earlier history as a still photographer. More recently I've become an author. In 2007 I purchased a lavish dollhouse and my daughter and I collaborated to write two childrens' books about it, with lots of photographs ("The Maples on the Move" and "The Maples Mix 'em Up"). We sold both books at "the Word on the Street" in the fall of 2010. Next, I wrote and photographed my first alphabet book, "Cats Choosing Chairs" and made another two alphabet books with my grade 2/3 class, who loved the process. Towards the end of that school year, my class did a comparison/contrast of our school today with that of the late nineteenth century. It's called, "The Good Old Days?" I've continued to create books with my straight grade 2 classes and plan to keep it up. "Dogs who Talk" was featured by Blurb in a blog on their website: . Check out all our class books in my "Author's Bookstore."

Fecha de publicación  22 de septiembre de 2011

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