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Derived from the focus of identity through race and sexuality, The Awakenings, completed in April of 2010, became the starting point for a greater compilation of works. (See figure 1).

In this follow-up to The Awakenings comes another more concentrated anthology of poems and photographic accompaniments with a focus on such theme as; self awareness, circumstantial acceptance, insatiable appetite, spiritual as well as emotional withdrawal, abandonment and neglect.

In sight of the revelations exposed in the previous collection, the following assortment remains true to the most explicit of photographic efforts used to convey such complex premises.

The corresponding pros exploit the same efforts with little to no regard for structure or technical poetic restraint. The verse is free flowing yet composed in a manner that further emphasizes each series specific tone and mood.

The series that began the second installment of the Awakenings, entitled “Against the Grain” (See figure 2) depicts a young woman and her partner at the dawn of parenthood as she is coming to terms with the load she must prepare to carry on her own. This series speaks to the themes of self awareness and the acceptance through ones struggle.

As always, in paring both image and text, I strive to allow both mediums the freedom to communicate clearly for themselves. No sole idea speaks louder than the other hence granting the audience enough room to reflect and assess key topics expressed in my collective


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