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The best camera is the one you have with you at the time.

I used to be anti digital cameras. I held out buying one until my daughter was born, and even then it was only out of necessity (i knew it would be way to expensive to develop all that film). I was still holding out on getting a smart phone because I viewed them as a lesser form of life in the photo world. Eventually I got an iPhone for work and found myself captivated by what it could do by itself, as well as with the apps and accessories. This book is about what i've been doing since I stopped being a snob about photo equipment.


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jeffrey Buckner
jeffbuckner poway, ca
got back into photography after my car accident as a way to cope with what had happened. all i had then was a pentax k1000 which i still use but now have a mamiya 120mm dual lens reflux, a holga 120mm, and a canon 20D.

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kelleyfoto dice

Jeff - You are so talented both with your journalism and photography! You have the photographers "eye" which is God's gift and cannot be taught and you have an additional gift of putting your photographs into words with your writing. I worked with your Mom at BHMS for many years and had a photography business for 10 years before I retired the wedding side of it. Now I continue the fine art side. I looked at your book of the car accident and it brought deep tears to my eyes. You found a great way to have closure and to grow from the experience. Your have been blessed with a gift to share with others ....

publicado 30 de ago. a las 09:42 PST


CookieSue dice

The sampling of photos is amazing. How far technology has come to let us take amazing pictures like these. A great eye for detail and dimension.

publicado 30 de ago. a las 08:31 PST

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