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Before Twitter or Facebook, in the early days of the internet, a motley collection of photography artists found each other on America Online. Through the magic of dial-up and discussion boards, any and all subjects having to do with the art of photography became fodder for their long and impassioned discussions.

For a woman just beginning to discover her fascination with photography, this was an unforgettable experience.

Fortunately, she kept a record of it all and 15 years later, created a time capsule that will intrigue, enlighten, and inspire.

Foreword by Eric McLuhan, Ph.D.


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ML (Martha) Hart
MsMartha San Diego, California US
explores with cameras, prefers film over digital / self-described word-nerd who likes to read dictionaries, now learning to read in Spanish / win the lottery? would read and shoot and paint and write 24/7

Fecha de publicación  28 de agosto de 2011

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