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CHANGING SPACES brings together five photographers whose work addresses the changing nature of urban space. The exhibition reflects on
a range of visual styles, narratives and research methodologies drawing on documentary, fine art and landscape practices, in order to investigate how urban space is constructed through the perceptions, intuitions and apperceptions of the visual artist located within, and responding to the city.

Simon Rowe’s photographs, part of a larger project about the Pepys estate, present a portrait of a South East London housing estate as it moves into a new era. The project reflects a sense of the multiplicity of human and social relationships against a backdrop of social change and regeneration.

Gregor Stephan’s practice addresses urban and rural spaces in transformation based on economic revaluation, more specifically addressing questions of aesthetics in relation to economic change in urban and rural structures. His work in this exhibition focuses on Berlin – Schönefeld airport, which will become one of Germany and Europe’s largest airports within the next ten years.

Laura Braun’s photographs of Downtown Los Angeles, the once glamorous heart of the city, side-lined and in decline since the move towards sub-urbanisation in the mid 1900s, show social and public spaces devoid of the presence of people however with the traces of their passing intact. In this city, mediated more than most by fiction, real and imagined histories inter-mingle and possibilities, not certainties become important.

Mandy Lee Jandrell’s photographs, taken within the parameters of constructed leisure environments such as theme parks and zoos, highlight the discord between the aspirational or idyllic nature of their design and the points at which those aspirations are broken down by reality.

Isidro Ramirez’s interest stems from differences in sensory perception and the uptapped potential photography's limitations has to offer. Sighted people are often unaffected by some visual aspects of their world. Using photography, Ramirez tries to expose this paradox by illuminating the spaces in which blind and visually impaired people live and work.


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PHREAD was founded in 2008 and is run by a group of photographers based in different locations around Europe. Our aim is to create a quarterly publication that showcases new work by emerging and established photographers and authors. We are happy to hear from individuals or groups who wish to submit work, essays or articles for issue 2.

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