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Every healthy preschooler has the potential to excel in mathematics during his or her primary educational experience. Even "Special Needs" children have that potential. We live in a democracy and capitalist state requiring a well-rounded off education in academics, a college degree and that in the sciences to obtain what a level of comfort easily acquired here in the United States. Sure, many make it through vocation, however, the best paid jobs are in engineering. There is a specific purpose for publishing this two hour lesson plan for parents of preschoolers. That is, so that you, or the parent of a preschooler may administered to the preschooler, two days before the first day of school. In doing that, the child is provided with basic elementary fundamentals in arithmetic, and given two days to mentally process the information on a subconscious level, mainly in his or her sleep. By the time the child attends to his or her first math lessons, two or three days later the information has formed a memory path, and is easily associated to the lessons provided in those first math lessons. The reintroduction, in class will trigger the memory to reactivate that area of memory and it is very likely that the child will be able to respond logically to many of the first questions posed by the teacher. That will build confidence in the area of mathematics.

This became a theory after the author's own daughter about to enter kindergarten, two days after receiving the lesson plan detailed in "Baby Math Smart" and from that day excelled in mathematics throughout her kindergarten through twelfth grade public school experience. Mathematics is a science of logic everyone has the potential of mastering it. The author's guard became activated, and remembered the words her seventh grade math teacher told her: Mathematics is logic and anyone can master it. She called her daughter over for a chat. She informed her daughter of the fact that in two days she would begin school and therefore there was some information regarding numbers she would have to know. The lesson provide in "Baby Math Smart" was born during those next two hours as I broke-down the elementary fundamentals of arithmetic to her daughter. It all paid off.

That little girl on the cover, today, is a mechanical engineer working as a project manager for defense. She's only 28 years old. A 28 year old female living the American Dream. More important when the child was tested by the State of New York, for the very first time in the second grade, she scored 99% above all American children, her age tested across the nation that year. She never scored below the 90's in percentile during her entire public school experience. Yes, that child was declared a master of mathematics in the second grade. This theory has not been scientifically tested, however it is the belief of the author that providing the fundamentals of mathematics a precisely the time the child is able to absorb it gives the child an opportunity to easily retain it, because he or she has received the information in a simple language they are already familiar with at that that tender age of four and one half years of age. I provide the lesson plan electronically, at an inexpensive cost $3.99. Considering that the author's daughter is earning six figures today she feels it is an investment well worth it. Please read introduction in "Baby Math Smart" for more on this story.


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Gynnie Ann De Jesus
gad Weehawken, New Jersey

Gynnie Ann De Jesus was born in 1959 in New York City. A child of the early 60's and 70's, having lived both in East New York, Brooklyn, and over 25 years in Astoria, Queens, New York. For the last nine years she resides in Hudson County, New Jersey; found on the west side of the Hudson River. She's the third of four siblings from a marriage that ended prior to her birth. Therefore she is a product of a single stay at home parent family household. The Spanish Pentecostal Church played a major role in the first 16 years of her life; however at that age was excommunicated by an over zealous pastor. Current, Gynnie Ann De Jesus is a Colorado Technical University Psychology major student. Work experience in Insurance, wholesale, retail, office, government and food services industries. Gynnie Ann De Jesus believes in celebrating the difference among the many cultural differences she has explored, and in experience life to the best that is made able.

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