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as i see it... is a personal vision of the world through the lens of the camera. The book includes images from several different bodies of work. Collections include HDR photography of South Beach (Miami), Landscape and Nature photography, Fashion/Portraits, and Figurative photography. Sam offers personal insight into the making of each collection.

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Sam Dobrow
samdobrow Atlanta, GA USA 30004
I've been involved in photography as an art for over thirty years. In high school, I was influenced by a photography teacher who instilled the purist principles of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. I developed advanced skills in visualizing the tonal range of a setting and capturing images with available light. In the darkroom I experimented with a variety of chemical and temperature techniques for both film and print processing. At the University of Florida, my conservative and traditional perspective on photography as a visual medium was challenged by the thinking and works of Jerry Uelsmann, one of the early masters of photomontage, and guest lecturers like Robert Heineken (UCLA) whose montages embedded commercial erotica in highly unconventional images. Today my photography focuses on people - fashion, beauty, glamour, and fine art nudes.

Fecha de publicación  26 de agosto de 2011

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  80 páginas Papel ProLine perlado

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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Comentarios (3)


sikorskyi dice

Hi Sam,
I just think you are trying to put 'too' much in the book.
I suggest, just for a trial, make two books... one with the scapes and the other with the people fotos... Let me know hat you think after that.
I have to admit... editing one's own images is extremely difficult... that's why here are professional editors, I'm guessing... ^_^

publicado 28 de ago. a las 11:50 PST


samdobrow dice

Thank you, it is always hard to edit one's own work. I guess from your comment you prefer the landscapes/cityscapes.

publicado 26 de ago. a las 12:01 PST


sikorskyi dice

I see where your talent lies... Well done...
I normally do not give criticism... but, I believe this to be constructive... I would best prefer to see this as a minimum of two books...
Your land and cityscapes are wonderful and need to be shown as a body of work on its own... Your work with people is a separate entity...
Please do not take this as derogatory... I trust that you would have a great following of book buyers if they could have it in two books. Just my thoughts.
Best to you, Daniel

publicado 26 de ago. a las 11:55 PST

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