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These images of the beautiful and sexy Elena were taken on a small beach, near a highway in Brooklyn NY. Went we started shooting (with her bikini on) we got a lot of whistles from the onlookers on the overpass. As soon as the bikini started to come off,it got very VERY quiet! Lucky she couldn't be seen by the drivers on the highway, I'm SURE she would have caused a major traffic jam!

The images with the graffiti in the background were taken at the same location.

Hope you enjoy them, as much as we enjoyed shooting them for you.



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Dave Foss
Writing stuff for things like this is like having root canal for me. I seem to ramble, and without someone to keep me on track I just run amok. You might say I “lack focus.” I guess that's because I see things differently. I believe I learned to re-focus my vision during one particular family car trip when I was a kid. My dad looked out the window and said, “That’s an odd place to hang a bicycle.” Well, I looked all over the place – high, low, left, right, near, and far – and I couldn't find that bicycle anywhere! Finally, I gave up and asked, “Where? I don't see it.” He said there was no bicycle, "But that WOULD be an odd place to hang one." To this day (50+ years later) I look around and think, "That’s an odd place to shoot a nude.” I have re-worded my dad’s observation a bit from the original. Some people call my type of photography "Guerrilla Photography" because we "Shoot and run!" However, at my age it's more like, "Shoot and walk away slowly – then go back and get the ca

Fecha de publicación  22 de agosto de 2011

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