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Alec began taking photographs of Denton in 1976 for the purpose of captuing history. This book is about a certain time period around the Fry Street neighborhood in Denton, Texas. Thrown in, are certain recollections, and a few attempts in fleshing out some things about the neighborhood.

The purpose of this book was to create something unique about Denton, Texas. Also, we wanted to create an artifact that someone might stumble across 50? years from now and go, "huh, neat." And also, after spending a hundred hours scanning negatives, we thought, "is that it?" AND we hope that this will garner interest in someone - may it be us, or another - to do something even bigger and more up to date. Although, we really like this time period.

This is by no means a definitive history, nor is it one hundred percent accurate. Information was taken from city directories, newspaper and magazine articles, the Denton County assumed names database, and numerous interviews with people who were around during that time period. Most of the people in the photographs (with the exception of Brave Combo) were identified by people we just met.


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Alec Williams
Dentonlib Denton, Texas
Alec Williams is a fourth-generation Dentonite and a fifth-generation Texan. He graduated from Texas Tech with a B.A. and an M.A. in history (modern Britain and Europe). Leslie Couture works for the Denton Public Library in the Special Collections department and scanned all of Alec's photographs.

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rikdavis747 dice

I just ordered your book... What memories... I worked for Jim at Jim's diner and spent way too much time on Fry Street !!! Thanks for this look back. I will Cherish this.

Rick Davis

publicado 27 de jul. a las 17:32 PST


kblomberg dice

I'm on page 144 in the gold sequin beret - Kathleen Blomberg.
I worked at The Library in 1987 and I worked for Jim Lott, so I assume he or someone in his family was the owner.
Nice book! All my Facebook friends I went to UNT/NTSU with were very excited and many people posted the link! Can't wait to get my copy :)

publicado 12 de oct. a las 00:30 PST


jimlott dice

Was nice to see and remember those times Alec. Let me know if you would like more photos for your album. Great job!

publicado 06 de oct. a las 14:04 PST


RandallMG dice

page 56
@ The Library THE AGENTS of KAOS
Left -Right: Les Black - lead guitar, Donal Hinley - lead vocals, Mickey ? - base, & Eddie Carnel - drums

publicado 06 de sep. a las 16:51 PST


jwbachi dice

I was running a table at the Fry Street Fair one year. It was an anti-nuke table, of course, as I had been involved in the Comanche Peak Life Force occupations of the nuclear plant at Glen Rose. I was also part of the Whitehawk community. Some film students were doing a documentary, and wanted to come back later to interview me. Someone told them to interview me because, "that guy is a long time resident of the seventies.' I lived in Denton from 1974 to 1989.
Just today as I was teaching bachi spinning to my taiko class and we were dropping the drum sticks all over the place. I recounted being on the parking lot beside Jim's Diner. A group of us were playing hacki sack. Not that I was a great player or anything. Many of the players were new to the sport. But, we played for about 2 hours. We never passed the sack more than twice. And, we still played on with enthusiasm! That spirit of joyful play with friends and strangers is a little hologram of the Fry Street Experience for me. For my class, I wanted the technical accuracy AND that spirit.

publicado 29 de ago. a las 23:02 PST


Dentonlib dice

Thanks for the confirmation, Rich.
David, I did check the Denton County website to see who filed the business names. It was extremely helpful in obtaining the names of the business owners. The Denton Record-Chronicle didn't cover the area much until the late 1980s (unless there was a fire or a crime)and didn't start an entertainment/music section until around 1990. The UNT paper and a street paper called The Street Level News are the only two sources I have found that gave regular coverage of the area for this time period.
As for the people, well, I was too young and am having to rely on others identification. A Facebook page is a great idea, but it is time consuming. I will have to figure out how to do all this and work!
If anyone has any stories they would like to share with me for a future project, you can email me at We have a small Fry Street archive at the Denton Public Library.

publicado 23 de ago. a las 07:24 PST


richdenton dice

David Cox is incorrect...Jim Lott open The Library as a special private club with memberships so expensive and a dress code that kept most people away. He soon changed those restrictions. I don't remember who operated Bennys but it was two guys. Before it was Bennys it was the The Porch and before that it was an Ice Cream place and Jim Lott said he worked there. Before the Ice Cream it was a closed drive thru car wash. That is what I know and I got here in 74. My favorite place in 74 was The Final Exam,,, beer and chess and pool,,,with struffed frogs on one corner of the bar

publicado 22 de ago. a las 16:20 PST


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