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The final volume covers the multiple variants designed to use the tried and tested PzKpfw IV chassis. Although the nature of this series of books means it could never be a definitive text my collection does however cover the majority of versions and uncovers some new information along the way.
This volume consists of 90 original photographs and a number of diagrams to help explain some of the more complex or difficult to see information. Plus external links to discussions which direct to images unavailable for publication and back up information.
Chapters cover:
Bruckenleger and Sturmstegpz - 10 photos, Fahrshulpz - 3 photos, Munition-carrier for Karl - 8 photos, Flakpz - 4 photos, Sturmpz - 9 photos, Diker Max - 5 photos, StugIV - 12 photos (including 5 of final swinging schurzen), JagdPz - 8 photos, PzIV/ 70(V) - 5 photos, PzIV / 70 (A) - 6 photos, Hummel - 7 photos, Hornisse/Nashorn - 11 photos.


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Craig Ellis
8wheels-good Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
This series of books (PzKpfwIV at the front: from 8wheels-good Publishing) is an exploration of the development of the PzIV, the only tank to be in uninterrupted mass production for front line service from the first to the last day of WWII. They are made up entirely from images of my own original photographs that I have collected over the last 10 years. The small profit made on each book will be put back into enlarging and preserving the collection so more titles can be added and images shared. Each volume contains fully captioned images, tables where appropriate and details from the reverse of the photographs. The tables are a collection of dates from all the main references available, existing museum vehicles and photographs which can be dated. They are born from my own frustration of endless trips to the books case to cross reference different sources and the wish to create a one stop reminder. I hope that they will be appealing to historians, wargamers and modelers alike.

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