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The year 2016.
14-year-old Sam Alexion is not any normal teenager. Neither are his two best friends Alexei and Defcon. Sam and his friends are trained killers working for Sam's billionaire assassin father, an associate in the Russian underground, Jaxon Alexion. When Sam's father sends them on a mission to kill the son of Jaxon's rival, Marco Zaihkovsky, they think it will be easy. But once failing over and over again, Sam starts to feel emotions that he's never felt before as an assassin, guilt. Especially after he meets their target's beautiful sister, Natalia, who he falls for instantly. Sam immediately wants to give up the mission but his father won't let him. What will Sam do? Will he break his love with Natalia to execute the mission and make his father proud? Or will he risk his father's trust and respect to be with Natalia? Find out when you read The Killers Code.


Acerca del autor

Max Habeck
inkaput California
Max Habeck is an 11 year old aspiring author from California. His favorite hobbies are writing and reading. He has written and has been writing many works such as Werewolf Middle. He is entering 6th grade this fall. His inspiration is J.K. Rowling who he says is a lot like him.

Fecha de publicación  02 de agosto de 2011

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  114 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Niños

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inkaput dice

Thank you for your comment. My son the author was thrilled.

publicado 06 de ago. a las 01:00 PST


crs1213 dice

this book sounds really good! I hope one day i will get to buy it and read it!

publicado 05 de ago. a las 14:22 PST


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