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"On the shoeheel of this city, I’m crushed. New Orleans is a cruel world, a crooked mile of orgiastic carousing and bacchanalian frivolities… and here I sit on this barstool like Humpty Dumpty, waiting for disaster to strike…."

When two college girls quit school and roadtrip to New Orleans, a new life begins for Kira and Ran in the dilapidated French Quarter, working as street mimes, strip-dancing in Bourbon Street cabarets, and denying each mistake made— for if no one knows, then it “never happened.”

Inspired by the reckless days of my youth, The Night That Never Happened is a contemporary 250,000 word adult novel telling the story of two friends in a quest for Bohemia but instead find Bourbon Street. With the humdrum days of college test-taking over, Kira and Ran discover the stun-gun of living a life less ordinary, leaving a trail of breadcrumb sins in the palpitated heart of old New Orleans.

Kira, an experienced coquette with a nose for disaster and a bad habit of finding it, encourages Ran to shed inhibitions and swallow the lifeblood of love, lust, and lingerie. As the naïve narrator with dreams of Hollywood and romance, Ran finds herself in a whirlwind of barhopping, bedhopping misadventures that lead to the ultimate sacrifice: a life for a life.


Acerca del autor

Midnight Boheme LLC.
Boheme13 New Orleans, LA
Graphic Design, Creative Writing, Mixed Media Artwork by New Orleans Artist Laura Kuhn.

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ponypal918 dice

Wow! It looks like a great book!

publicado 01 de mar. a las 09:27 PST


MisterHappy1 dice

Laura a cool book! I will purchase a copy! please check out mu photo book. search.....MEET MR HAPPY. a fun photo book of the Penis, with a wonderful model! I will love to read your comments! best HAPPY GIRL

publicado 29 de mar. a las 21:18 PST

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