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For this body of work, I have used an intricate digital mapping technique to deconstruct imagery down to the individual pixel.

I then use tens of thousands of hand-casted crayons of precise tones and colors assembled in wooden frames to reconstruct these digital images to produce an art form that balances both the qualities of photography and sculpture.

From a distance, these pieces look like highly pixelated images while close up all one sees are the individual crayon tips.


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Christian Faur
faurc Granville, Ohio

The things that inspire me to create, I find, are buried deep within the structures and systems that form the underpinning of our natural world. My studies in the natural sciences have made me aware of these hidden layers of complexity present in even the simplest objects. These invisible layers are seen most clearly through the lens of logic, which is used to decipher the underlying rules and laws that govern the physical world.

In my work, I try to mimic these elegant structures of nature by developing systems of my own with which to express my thoughts and ideas, so that the medium and the message appear as one.

I think of it like a game, with a set of axioms that are established at the outset through the limitations of the material or forms from which the work is constructed, which then dictates what can and cannot be "said" within the boundaries of the chosen medium. This material limitation can also be a strength, as there is the potential to contain thoughts and ideas in uniqu

Fecha de publicación  31 de julio de 2011

Dimensiones  Apaisado estándar  78 páginas Papel ProLine perlado

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puffers dice

Wowwy wow wow!

publicado 21 de ago. a las 09:21 PST


bowdenbob dice

A beautiful book and so well shot. PLUS, I'm blown away by the creativity and practical ability of show here. To be able to 'see' these images in the mind, then make them work with basic materials is amazing. Bob

publicado 19 de ago. a las 01:23 PST


CathHale dice


publicado 06 de ago. a las 02:46 PST


tsleggs dice


publicado 05 de ago. a las 13:22 PST


zimbron dice


publicado 05 de ago. a las 00:36 PST


69kim69 dice

I have never seen anything like it. Love, love, love!

publicado 03 de ago. a las 07:13 PST


misaleonessa dice

Incredible! What a creative way to look at the world. Really nice book.

Misa Leonessa Garavaglia
Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Speaker

publicado 01 de ago. a las 15:09 PST


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