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Architecture and “The American Dream” have been neglected by America’s suburban neighborhoods leaving suburbia with an over abundance of houses, cars, and strip malls. Suburbia was once a place where families could obtain “The American Dream” and live minutes from the city. Today, suburban neighborhoods have created a large gap between the public and the city becoming merely a buffer space between major cities. In result, suburbia has lost its urban identity and connection to the city. Lately, suburban living has been associated by cost vs. location; the further away you live from the city the less expensive it is to reside, causing people to live further away from the city therefore creating a dependence for automobiles. As a remedy to urban sprawl, retrofit along with adaptive reuse needs to take place, creating hybrid urban communities. In the endeavor to
promote urbanism in modern day suburbia, we must first understand and maintain the core values of suburbia from a developer and user standpoint. This research will set out to examine ways of creating new possibilities for suburban communities by careful analysis, re-thinking of its systems, and creating ways of densification all while maintaining suburban qualities of distance, sound, and visual aesthetics.


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Angel Ruiz

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