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Kim is a quiet little girl. She is about to enter fourth grade.

One fine summer afternoon, to search for her missing dog Misa, Kim leaves the daisy field near her home and sets off for the forest where children are forbidden. There, she finds a shimmering fantasy land brimming with wonders. She chases after the rainbow to see a castle where Time no longer exists. There, Kim finds all manner of joys, delights and enchantment. Everyone wants to be her friend.

But what we actually love and cherish the most, might not be things we always dream of, but what we already have right in our hands. There is something that Kim loves even more than a rainbow, more than a fairy friend, a fairytale castle…

With more than a hundred colourful illustrations, ‘The Wild Daisy Field’ takes you with Kim on her adventure through this dreamland. Here she finds the simple beauty in the stupefying scent of wild daisies that wafts along with the summer breeze. Here she will learn about the real world, about family, love, companionship…and responsibility.


Acerca del autor

Turine Tran
turinetran Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Growing up in an old house full of dusty books, in a busy area of Saigon, Vietnam, I always have two main obsessions: picture books and nature. With illustration, I find myself in the balance of a wild world I am living in, a mixture of cultural inspirations, and the golden days of my childhood.

Through nostalgic, dreamy images, I let out the playfulness and creativity within myself. I draw in order to see things once again the way I did as a child. Pre-occupied with books and illustration, I aim to bring people to a whimsical world where a tiny wild flower could become a fantastic wonder.

Fecha de publicación  15 de julio de 2011

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  192 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Niños

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