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Hashi and Khushi are the names of the twin girls who inspired this book. In Bangla, Hashi and Khushi mean 'Happiness and Laughter'. Together they make up a common Bangladeshi expression that means joyful.

During a public health graduate project in one of Dhaka's 5,000 slum clusters, Kem met Bilkes and her twin daughters. In his struggle to understand why the children in this slum and his own niece and nephew in the United States would have very different futures, he was driven to document a day in the life of these children.

Kem hopes that his work will influence many to see the beauty and worth of every child they encounter, whether in their own home or in remote parts of the world. This book is dedicated to all children.


Acerca del autor

Kem Ramirez
errokem Washington, DC

Fecha de publicación  14 de julio de 2011

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Categoría  Viajes

Comentarios (4)


Wendy_PKU dice

It is so great. Let us thank Kem for doing such excellent work!
I really recommend it to all who are interested in global health studies, and those who care about the equality all over the world.

publicado 17 de jul. a las 04:56 PST


JingjingWang dice

I read this book from Fu Jun's recommedation ,feeling both surprised and moved. We are the same major, we are the same master ,,but there are more for us to learn from you. I want to loudly tell you and Tasnim,you are great .We joint effort toghther to make our Youth dreams to realize. Comeon ! ---From Jingjing Wang (Jane )
a student of GWU-PKU Global health ,group with Olumide

publicado 16 de jul. a las 02:31 PST


FuJun dice

The book is moving, vivid,meaningful. The pohtos taken by Kem are terrific and I hope to see the articles wrriten by Tasnim. Every child is an angel. It is an honour for me to meet you and have a wonderful summer with you.
I am encouraged by what you have done. We could do much more.
Thank you.

publicado 15 de jul. a las 18:46 PST


jen03005 dice

Beautiful, Kemchu! It looks clean and I love the cover and the title. The whole book is well done. You did a great job! The quotes are so interesting...thank you for showing that aside from inequalities, we share the capacity to love these children deeply and want the best for them, no matter what the circumstance, that desire is what unites us. You did good my friend.

publicado 14 de jul. a las 10:21 PST

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