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Photographs allow us to experience and visualize new places, to “travel” around the world without ever leaving home, by simply turning a page. Sometimes an image is so powerfully moving that we are provoked to take our own adventures, to experience new landscapes and environments with our own eyes and senses. We in turn take our own photographs, deepening the experience by creating a tangible memory, a visual reminder of that exact moment and sense of place.

Sometimes, however, the places we encounter and things we see while traveling are neither exotic nor striking, seeming simply mundane and ordinary. These are the things we often see, or rarely encounter, but do not think to offer a second glance. Why should we? What value do they offer us? What purpose can they possibly fulfill?

The photographs in this book were taken on a 68 day 16,504 mile journey along the back roads, routes, and highways of North America. From Alaska to Texas to Maine, they are images of the mundane, the unusual, the plain, and the overlooked. Placed in chronological order, so as to simulate the original path of the project, these images are meant to provide a visual journey of the things I encountered along the way. All places have stories, stories told through even the most seemingly insignificant of details, but it is up to us how we choose to see the world around us and what information we choose to take from it. Enjoy.
-Viktoria Ciostek

Note* Unfortunately this original book encountered an image error in the upload process and is not for sale. The updated version, which is identical though error free, is for sale and can be found at the following link:


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Viktoria Ciostek
MamaV Buffalo, NY

Fecha de publicación  12 de julio de 2011

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fullframe dice

Beautiful work. Strong , simple & honest. The other side of America...the sites we often do not care to remember...yet they are so plentiful.
There is a strange beauty to all things lost and forgotten. Just like melancholic song.

publicado 19 de ago. a las 12:23 PST

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