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The original apartment walls were covered with gyps plates 25 years ago at the time of the last renovation. In the process of stripping the interiors this year in 2011, the workers revealed the layers of decor styles of the tenants from the 1920's up until the mid 1980's . The top layers were wallpapers of many varieties: flower and bird designs, 70's retro patterns, childrens illustrations and mural size images of idealic scenes from nature. Underneath this were painted plaster layers. The oldest layerings were pages from newspapers dating back to the 1930's.
Day in day out, from 7 o'clock in the morning the workers go on with their physically demanding, repetitive and noisey tasks. Section by section the buildings are prepared for the finishing phase to be carried out by other tradesman. The interior walls are now a patchwork of bricks, repairs, paper, plaster and paint, colours and textures. A document of time and processes. The new walls will be attatched onto aluminium frameworks, thin blank canvases for the decors of the future residents.


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David Adams
zenzanon Rotterdam

Fecha de publicación  12 de julio de 2011

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  68 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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HeikoKrause dice

An aeshetically extraordinary way of telling such a story.

publicado 06 de ago. a las 03:45 PST


bigfried dice

excellent project

publicado 14 de jul. a las 02:21 PST


MargauxKent dice

This is incredible - what discoveries!!!

publicado 12 de jul. a las 06:15 PST


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