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Glastonbury on TV explores different levels.

Surely, it is a music photography project. I have been photographing live shows since 1999 and I am looking for a different perspective besides the standard I get from the press pit.

From a conceptual point of view it takes the festival experience and turns it upside down. Especially Glastonbury festival, notorious for getting people wet, muddy and messy while they walk throughout the fields to get to the many stages.
This set is shot from the comfort of home, sitting on a sofa in a dry and relaxed living room. Instead of hiking on wellies, the stages are reached with a remote. Instead of changing lenses, protecting cameras or finding the right spot, it benefits from BBC professional direction. Instead of having short and restricted "three songs no flash" conditions, it covers the entire length of the concert, which is often aired multiple times a day.
A camera on a tripod, a fixed macro lens pointing at the screen and eyes wide open to catch the moment.

I like constraining my work within limits. Obstacles stimulate creativity. The limit here is the screen and its rendition in photos. The challenge is to take advantage of the hurdle. I exacerbated it using an old cathode ray tube TV. Due to the low resolution, the Red-Green-Blue pattern of the pixels inevitably becomes a perceptible part of the image. All the images are in the 4:3 ratio used on these monitors.

These photos would fail if they were a lazy representation of a concert, the set aims to stand alone as a photography's piece.


Acerca del autor

Valerio Berdini
liveon35mm UK
Born in Rome, Italy in 1970, Valerio Berdini is now resident in Cambridge, UK. Photographing from a very young age, he has developed a personal language that merges a traditional aesthetic, influenced by the masters of photojournalism, with an incessant attention to the evolution of contemporary society. His photographic projects bring his cameras around the world where a transformation is in place. Valerio always seeks for eye contact. Either with singles, small groups or huge masses, hearing stories from people is the driving force to put together his own stories. As a live music photographer he is recognized within the International live music scene with an archive of hundreds of bands shot and has been published on numerous music related publications. Valerio work has been published in national and international papers and magazines, including Travel Photography, L’Actualité, Grazia, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent.

Fecha de publicación  05 de julio de 2011

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