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Photographs of mannequinns in Vienna's 1st District, the center of "The Ring." The images are meant to be a photo commentary on standards of beauty, fashion, wealth, ethnicity and culture in general. This book is comprised of 38 images and is probably best represented in hard bound formats.


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Yvonne Westbrook
yvonnewest Los Angeles, Ca
I work, love my work and in my off time I take photo's, cook, eat, read, garden, throw pottery, listen to music, hang out with friends and family, look at art and don't disclose info. that's too personal on public forums--that's it in a nutshell.

Fecha de publicación  26 de abril de 2008

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Categoría  Fotografía artística

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yvonnewest dice

Hi Geofflechef,

thank you for your comment. I can't say that the book turned out as well as I had hoped, but it was a first try. I have so many images that I finally had someone else choose them and wanted to test Blurb's products before consigning other work to them (I have a ton of images that are not digital and need scanning; Blurb seems one way of archiving them in a way that is more accessible than storing them.

Cartier-Bresson has an images that has stuck with me for years; it's of a bunch of tailor's mannequins...perhaps you know it? The mannequins in Vienna are much more life like than those in the fact all media that involves a craft, seems to be much more nuanced and refined if compared to the U.S. I also like the mannequins here (U.S.) because they are so....brut....for lack of another word--maybe it says something about both cultures.

publicado 17 de oct. a las 20:19 PST


geofflechef dice

Love this book...subject is one of my own passions, and I am presently working on idea of collection for future book...Mannequins are so lifelike, and I think they are really sexy...they always look as though they are going to move or say something to me...fantastic book !

publicado 17 de oct. a las 08:31 PST


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