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Indignats is the Catalan language form for Indignados, “The Indignant” (citizens movement). This movement is also known as the Spanish Revolution or 15-M. On May 15, a group of mainly young people started a spontaneous protest in Plaza del Sol in Madrid, which quicly Spreads to other people in other cities. Demonstrations and protests targeted the financial crisis, corruption, unemployement, politicians, and asking for a more democratic election system. My book presents a variety of images of these protests in Barcelona and their general atmosphere.

Indignats es en catalán Indignados, conocido también como movimiento 15-M o "Spanish Revolution". El 15 de Mayo, principalmente formado por jóvenes se desató una espontánea protesta en la Plaza del Sol de Madrid, a la que muy pronto se adhirieron otras ciudades y gente de todas las edades, manifestando su disconformidad contra la crisis financiera, la corrupción, el desempleo, los políticos, y legislación sobre las elecciones democráticas . En mi libro se muestran diferentes imágenes de la protesta en Barcelona, el ambiente general etc...


Acerca del autor

Lluis Ripoll
luisrq Barcelona, Catalonia ( Spain )
Personal website: Other Website: Blog: I took my first pictures at age 13. At 15 I started making films as an amateur, my pictures and movies won several awards. Professionally I did not follow these paths, but photography has always been part of my main hobbies. The great quality that most distinguishes photography and which I enjoy is capturing the moment. I have used many cameras in my life, Today I keep shooting film as well as digital.

Comentarios (4)


luisrq dice

Hi Jeffery,

Thank you for your vey kind comment, you made me a great honour and very happy. Street photography is more difficult in our days, the life on the streets is not more the same, also the people reactions, but if we look for we can still find it, always it is a moment to catch!.

publicado 29 de may. a las 01:57 PST


JefferySmith dice

I have half a dozen collections of Henri Cartier Bresson's work from Europe, but had reached the conclusion that street photography was a lost genre. Lluis Ripoll's works are not a resurrection of quality street photography, but a confirmation that the genre is still strong in the hands of a master contemporary street photographer.

publicado 28 de may. a las 19:55 PST


luisrq dice

I thank you very much for these really kind comments, you honoured me with your warm words. I'm very happy too, you share my vision of the world.

publicado 29 de jun. a las 16:00 PST


PeterDz dice

This book is an amazing record of a popular movement which shows at the same time how to photograph people, how to do street photography and how to do photojournalism. It is a real tour de force.

As Ted Grant says in the introduction, it really should be in every photographer's collection.

Some of the images in this book stand comparison with many of the best known photographs of protests by the likes of HCB, Mark Riboud and others. These are not the violent protests much-loved of journalists, but the protest of Everyman.

Lluis Ripoll has an eye for people and an eye for people. For many years he has been recording his native Barcelona, moving effortlessly through the Rambla and less busy areas photographing life as it passes his lens with a facility that most of us never achieve. There is also a subtlety in many of the images which brings a smile to the viewer, but at the same time contributes to understanding the subject..

Finally, "Idignats" records a grass roots movement in reaction to the cuts made in reaction to the 2010 economic crisis and their impact on the man in the street, which many felt should be imposed on the banks and other institutions that caused it. Because it was taken by such a quiet and discreet photographer and depicts real people, it stands as an important historical record of a kind rarely achieved.

publicado 29 de jun. a las 03:20 PST

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