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On June 27th little Hope was collared. This event marked the beginning of a new phase in this adventure and the opportunity to unravel the mystery of what she did and where she travelled.

Would she reunite with Lily? Would they den together or would little Hope have to dig a den herself and spend the winter on her own?

The summer and fall gave us the answer to these questions and also the chance to learn more about how black bears live in the wild, go through hunting season and get ready for the hibernation period.

Thanks to the daily updates of Dr. Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield through December 17th, we experienced again both expected and unexpected events that made this second half of the year an unforgettable time.

Spend the summer and fall of 2010 with Lily and Hope and the rest of the research bears. Let them teach you their true nature and you will understand why they made 2010 a year to remember.


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Lily&Hope, the light of the Northwoods - Educación libro de fotografías
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Lily & Hope - The light of the Northwoods - - Educación libro de fotografías
Publicado 17 de noviembre de 2010
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