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Dilapidated is a photographic work established and coordinated by Joseph B. Finney.

The inspiration for the work is the ruins in and around Central Texas. As I travel this vast open land I am taken aback by so many man made objects that has been transformed by the passing of time. For some it appears that the journey of life has expired for these objects. However, as I see it life has just begun as it serve another purpose.

In this book you will find numerous buildings that are no longer in use as it was designed. Yet as I cast my eyes upon the ruins and the remains of these dilapidated buildings a ray of beauty transforms the landscape and beckons my lens and shuttle to capture the moment for posterity.


Acerca del autor

Finney, Joseph B.
duke82 Killeen, Texas, USA

I am, for the most part, a self-taught photographer. My photographs are first and foremost, are about what inspire and motivate me. I am very excited about nature, about how things appear in their natural environment and how those things appear after the state of decay has began to dominate. The natural existence of man made and natural beauty is for me a reality. I see beauty in just about everything in nature. I’ve also noticed that when I gaze upon an object I can get a since of a perfect shot and how that shot can be viewed by others.

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