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The camera became an intimate object for me during my teens and early 20s. The pictures reflect me being uncomfortable with my body and exploring who I was and what my body constituted. My identity changed a lot and I felt like a contortionist as I updated photographs of myself on blogs and social networking websites. The story begins in 2004 when I moved to San Francisco. I was naive and pretentious and from Orange County, California. After surrounding myself with radical queers and vegan straight edge anarcho-punks and hardcore bands, the story ends in 2007, feeling aware, having left San Francisco, but feeling like I lost my identity in the process.


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Chris Girard
chrisgirard London, UK
Chris Girard is a London-based artist and writer who is interested in identity, embodiment, appropriation and self-expression on the internet. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Arts and Computational Technology program at Goldsmiths College. His dissertation is actually in poststructural feminism and looking at authorship and identity. As for his California connection, he holds two MFAs; one from Northern California and the other from Southern California. His first one is in Writing with an emphasis in Poetry from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles; and the second one was further exploring poetry through the Digital Arts and New Media program at University of California, Santa Cruz. His new food discoveries include: gluten-free muesli, English Yorkshire Tea, vegan milks made from uncommon things like orzo. You can find more information about him at and follow him at: Twitter: Facebook:

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seanmartin dice


I have to say that it's very difficult to captivate my attention and I don't think I've ever followed a Blurb book preview through to the end.

Except yours.

Good luck and see you in London.


publicado 12 de jun. a las 08:36 PST


chrisgirard dice

Does this work?

publicado 10 de jun. a las 14:56 PST


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