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A collection of eclectic original poems, spanning decades, that are arranged according to year. Many have accompanying original photographs, also created by the author. The poetry varies from deep to lighthearted and covers subjects such as nature, children, relationships and life in general, all topics that most people can relate to. A universal poem, "What Do You Do?" that expresses the emotions of 9/11, has global appeal.

The original photos are works of art in themselves that enhance the poetry, but that also stand on their own. A must see volume, this is the first in a series of photographic poetry books by this author.


Acerca del autor

Ellen's Inspired Creations
Ellenor Conroe, TX
I am a photographic artist/writer combining my love of photography and writing to create unique products. Three books of poetry, writings & photography have been published and there are many more to come. Most recently published was a book on success that I was inspired to do. Check out Ellen's Inspired to peruse my photo galleries and my Facebook page for the very latest things I am working on.

Fecha de publicación  09 de mayo de 2011

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Comentarios (3)


Ellenor dice

Price lowered for month of May, 2013, in honor of Mother's Day.

publicado 09 de may. a las 09:05 PST


OReillyEllen dice

Very much appreciate the comments! This being my first venture into publishing my poetry, it helps to get feedback. It was difficult to come up with photos that were relevant for some of the poems because the subject matter was not that concrete. I'll have to take more pictures I guess! Thanks for your input.

publicado 12 de may. a las 20:10 PST


bookwormtom dice

Wow, that's a really beautiful book. Perhaps the photos aren't always relevant to the poem, but they're striking nevertheless, and the poems themselves are quite masterful. I love the sheer range, too, everything from a thunderstorm to memories.


publicado 12 de may. a las 10:34 PST

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