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Growing up stories have always left me starry eyed and ready to dream, but stories fall on deaf ears when told in a time that cannot be fathomed. In theater I have seen directors adapt plays to make them even more meaningful and relate able to the public and once I saw that the little light bulb in my head lit up. If I can give the gift of a fairy tale, legend, or any old story to the new generation and give them the life values our older generation had, but put it into a modern place so that they can really grasp it, then perhaps they will learn and grow. For to long my generation has been known for it’s angst and depression, and so for me my photography is a way to give people those starry eyes.

To make these photos happen my friends and I get together then literally for 15 minutes they let me ramble, rant, rave, and just pour on the creative blah that is my head at that moment. After 15 minutes we take the best ideas and begin the committed search of how to make it happen. For instance the hatter shoot was pulled together by running to garage sale after garage sale hoping anyone would let us buy or take a table. Only after we where given a broken down old rickety picnic table could we create our crazy and eventful shoot. In editing my colors are my most emotional and helpful tool. Each picture is crafted,whether in Photoshop or through the viewfinder, on the idea of the story and my need to keep things new and attractive to show case to anyone over the age of 13 that bed time tales still have significant meaning.


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